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Aksoy Stone, founded in 2006 and have been run by two sculptor brothers, is an enterprise designing and producing natural-stone material with an inspiration from the nature. Our enterprise, which creates special spaces by bringing together natural stone and marble with creative design , also works meticulously to produce our customers’ own designs by not only cutting material by cnc machines but also crafting hand-made products through hand work.


With 3 and 4 axis cnc router machines, we are capable of sculpting any material such as wood, marble, granite, andesite, basalt, medium density fibreboard (mdf), styroform and natural stones such as travertine into products such as surface relief, relief  , sculptures,pillars , window frames,  railings), wall panelling in sizes ranging from 1mm to 650mm thickness and from 1500mm to 3000mm width/length.


We can also cut any natural or artificial material in any shape and form with milimetrical precision from 0,1mm to 200 mm thickness by using waterjet technology.The materials that are cut, assembled and applied with the expertise of Aksoy Stone include titanium, aluminium, copper, brass, lead, bronze, zinc, armour steel, hardox, alloy steel, hardened steel, tool steel, carbon fiber, composite materials,fiber, rock wool, fiberglass, coated plates,painted plates,bullet-proof materials,bullet-proof glass, laminated glass, all natural Stones such as marble, granie, basalt andandesite, ceramic, granite ceramic,porcelain ceramic tile, hard floor covers such as tiles, facade coatings such as sinterflex glass ceramic, flexible floor coatings such as vinyl and linoleum, flexible materials such rubber, very hard artificial materials such as  industrial ceramic, teflon, and soft plastics such as silicon.

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